Who we are

Label was launched in order to provide a new house music in the world from Tokyo-Yokohama . He denied the uniform dance music , offers a new and unique house music . In addition , not only house music , the lock will provide minimal techno , even hip-hop . Though it is house music , it's important to independent of spirit , such as the punk music . In distant land of Japan from the United States , it aims to provide a house music to be world-class .

------------Release Info------------

[Peace Stadium EP]
Track List:
End Of The First(House mix)
Juno Loves Tropical(Original mix)
Dreams Love No Time(Original mix)
--Release Coming soon!

[Ambient EP]
Track List:
End Of The First(Original mix)
For Techno Laser(Original mix)
--Release Coming soon!

[Punk EP]
Track List:
Punk Is(Original mix)
Rip It Up(Original mix)
Hate War.Do Not Forget Silencio(Original mix)
--Release Coming soon!